DataBase MS SQL Server

- Query programming & DB management

- QL Database Administration

EXPERIENCE in Database Administration

- 4+ years of experience in Database Administration & Developer for large and complex databases in SQL Server
- Experienced in the development SCM Desktop Application(Sahand Samaneh Bartar SSB Co )
- Experienced in the development web-based Application Previous (Sahand Samaneh Bartar SSB Co)


- Database Technologies: SQL Server, MS Access
- Report design & Queries, Crystal Reports, Stimulsoft Reports
- XML/XSL & Web Services, SOAP
- Parallel Programming

SQL Server Technical Skills

- Excellent knowledge of MS SQL server database administration, design, optimization, data import and export
- Excellent knowledge of write Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Views, and Triggers
- Experience in Batch processes, Import, Export, Backup, Database Monitoring tools and Application support
- Excellent knowledge of proficient in optimizing SQL queries, designing SQL database schemas
- Excellent knowledge of create and maintain SQL databases and queries (MS SQL Server 2005+)
- Design and implementation of highly available solutions (AlwaysOn, mirroring, replication)
- Design and implementation of disaster recovery strategies
- Extensive experience in database debugging and query optimization
- Experience using version control tools to manage database change. (Redgate SQL Source Control etc.)
- Ability to search, find and fix problems in the database layer
- Strong attention to keep the system up and running
- Able to dig fast into new topics and technologies
- Some experience with automation tools
- Very good knowledge in writing and analyzing sql
- Experience in the different methods to replicate databases
- On-call troubleshooting experience
- Supported upgrades and configuration modifications of an existing SQL Server 2008R2 and SQL Server 2012

.NET Programing

- Experienced in the development of data-driven multi-tier ASP.Net applications, hands-onexperience in
- Developing application-tier classes/methods/functions and Web Services usingC# and ASP.NET
- Experienced in working with full software development life cycle
- Experience in web-based ASP.Net/ASP application development with a SQL back-end


- Network+
- IT Management
- SQL Server Management
- VB Programming
- System Development Engineering via XML

Implementation of Application Hardware Lock Base on SQL for Network-Base Application

Hardware Lock

All Client App bind to Server & Hardware Lock Base-on SQL Programming Technique

Morteza Karimian Kelishadrokhi

Excellent knowledge in Analytical, Problem-solving, & Troubleshooting ability

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